The Active 20-30 Club of Phoenix has a distinguished and honored history as one of Arizona’s most prestigious and active fund raising men’s clubs. Since the club’s inception over 70 years ago, the men of Active 20-30 Club of Phoenix have raised millions of dollars and dedicated thousands of hours to local children’s charities. Phoenix #99, along with the entire international organization in North and South America, continues to dedicate its fundraising to one of the fastest growing and weakest groups in our fast-paced society: underprivileged children.

Phoenix #99 was chartered on April 23, 1932 by a group of local businessmen including the Honorable Senator Barry Goldwater, Dr. Carlos Craig, Earnest Suggs, Bob Goldwater and Harry Rosenzweig, Sr (recent club alumni include well-known Valley residents Ben Rosner and Barry Goldwater, Jr). The original meetings were held at the “American Kitchen”, a local Chinese restaurant in downtown Phoenix on Central Avenue. Later, the meetings were moved to the Arizona Club. Members of Phoenix #99 were part of the chartering groups for the Phoenix Boy’s Club and the Phoenix Thunderbirds. In fact, it is safe to say that the majority of the service groups in the Valley (Boy’s & Girl’s Club, Thunderbirds, Rotary, etc) have had past 20-30 members at their helm at one time or another. One of the most outstanding events in the Valley today, the FBR Open PGA golf tournament (formerly the Phoenix Open), got its start in 1932 with Phoenix #99 members - the event had a total of $2,500 in prize money and a Maxwell car was raffled off to pay expenses.

At its peak, Phoenix #99 maintained an Active Membership of 99 members with more on a waiting list. This continued through the 1950s and 1960s, but during the late 1960s and early 1970s, many service organizations (from college fraternities to volunteer fire departments) were hurt by the "I am an individual" movement of the times. In 1977, Phoenix #99 lost its charter. The following year, six members began a recharter effort and Phoenix #99 was officially rechartered on March 3, 1979. Today, the Active 20-30 Club of Phoenix #99 again enjoys a roster of the top young professional men in the Valley. Members meet once a month to discuss and plan fundraisers such as the annual Phoenix Suitcase Party events - and enjoy friendships created through community service projects.